Board of Aldermen Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2015, Special Council Meeting (approved)
Mayor, Jan Lehmkuhl, called the Council Meeting to order at 6:45 p.m. with Board members present:  Jerry Kane, Diana Simpson, Sharon Anderson, and Troy Watts. Also present were Frank Babcock, Director of Public Works, and Charlie Jones, Assistant Director of Public Works.
Frank and Charlie wanted to meet with Council about a couple of decisions made at the last Council meeting.
First they wanted to discuss the patching of Webster Street at Jett's Service entrance.  Ball Paving is in town making some other repairs and Frank and Charlie was going to have them fix this area also.  Council thought patching that area, with as much traffic that there is on Webster as well as customers going in and out of Jett's, that the concrete still needed to be used there.  Charlie said that all the settling and compacting that was going to happen has happened so the asphalt will be just fine.  He also commented that they have seen a little settling where the concrete was used.  Council agreed to let the asphalt be used. Jerry Kane made a motion to use the asphalt on Webster Ave. at Jett's Service entrance instead of the concrete overriding the earlier decision to use the concrete.  Diana Simpson gave the second.  Vote was unanimous.  Motion carried.
Second, Council, at the last meeting, voted to purchase a used ¾ ton pickup for the Public Works Department.  When Charlie Jones went down to inspect the truck, he noticed a noise in the engine as well as a few other problems that would need to be fixed right away so the truck could be used.  Charlie decided that the truck wasn't what the City needed and told the dealer the City wasn't interested in that particular truck anymore. They brought, before Council, another Ford ¾ ton truck for Council to consider.  The truck was a 2005 model with 137,000 miles.  Jerry Kane and Troy Watts asked what engine it had.  They weren't able to answer that question.  Jerry Kane and Troy Watts also noted that if it had the 5.4 c.i. engine, they were really bad about blowing spark plugs out of the head, which is an inexpensive repair.  Jerry felt that the truck was too old and had too many miles on it for us to really consider.  Council decided to pass on the 2005 truck. 
Third, the Public Works Department had sent word to Council that they were interested in getting a dump trailer for the City to use instead of buying a dump truck.  Jerry and Troy said it was a bad idea when it was brought up at a previous Council Meeting.  Again Jerry and Troy said the trailer wasn't made for the type of use the Public Works will want to try to use it for.  They both said the trailer wasn't heavy duty enough, the axles weren't strong enough to dump a lot of heavy rock and other heavy material in, and although they say they won't abuse the trailer, it is most likely they will.  A used, single axle, medium duty dump truck is what the City needs.  The Dump truck will probably set and not be used 90% of the time.  No need in investing a large amount of money in something that is going to sit most of the time.  All was in agreement.  
Diana Simpson made a motion to adjourn at 8:05 p.m. with Sharon Anderson giving the second. Vote was unanimous.  Motion carried. 
Respectfully submitted,
Troy Watts, Councilman