Board of Aldermen Meeting Minutes

NOVEMBER 2, 2015

Mayor Jan Lehmkuhl called the regular Board meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. on November 2, 2015.

Board Members present:  Jan Lehmkuhl, Mayor; Troy Watts, Jerry Kane, Deanna Monnig and Sharon Anderson, Aldermen.   Also in attendance: Deborah Cox, City Clerk and Ryan Squibb.

Sharon Anderson gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.

Motion made by Troy Watts and seconded by Jerry Kane to approve the consent agenda as presented which includes the minutes from the last meetings.  Vote taken.  Unanimously approved.

Ryan Squibb updated the Board on the success of the Heritage Festival.  He estimated over 1500 people were in attendance.

Motion made by Troy Watts and seconded by Jerry Kane to pay the bills after they are reviewed and signed. Vote taken.  Unanimous.

Old Missouri Bank Resolution was presented by Mayor Jan Lehmkuhl.  Motion to approve the presented resolution was made by Troy Watts and seconded by Jerry Kane.  This will give authorization for all Board members, Mayor and City Clerk/Finance Officer to have signing privileges on all accounts at Old Missouri Bank.  Vote taken.  Unanimously approved.

Information was also presented on credit card services through the Old Missouri Bank.  After discussion with a Bank representative by phone, motion was made by Troy Watts and seconded by Sharon Anderson to table until more information can be obtained.  Vote taken.  Unanimously approved.

Mayor Lehmkuhl presented a proposal from SOCS, a nonprofit organization that will help the City stay connected to our community with a more professional website.  They would help design, and support the website for a total annual cost of $2,200.  After discussion, motion was made by Sharon Anderson and seconded by Deanna Monnig to go forward with the bidding process to secure quotes from other agencies.  Vote taken.  Unanimously approved.

Greene County Highway Department sent out a letter to the Mayor asking for input on a proposal to permanently close bridge number 0680013. This bridge is located over the railroad right of way on Farm Rd 68 east of Farm Rd 9 and north of Farm Rd 74.  Mayor Lehmkuhl stated the Commissioners and Greene County Highway personnel will be attending a meeting with the Board and hopefully they will be able to answer some on the questions the Board might have at that time.


  • Mayor Lehmkuhl stated the Missouri Municipal League (MML) training on October 29, 2015 was a great success.  Approximately 130 people from the southwest region were present.
  • Mayor Lehmkuhl had some ideas on making improvements to the old city jail.  Motion to go forward with ground work around building and roof repairs was made by Deanna Monnig and seconded by Jerry Kane.  Vote taken.  Unanimously approved.

Motion was made to go into closed session for personnel issues (RSMo 610.021.3) by Troy Watts and seconded by Jerry Kane at 8:25 p.m.  Vote taken.  Watts, Kane, Anderson and Monnig aye.

Motion made by Jerry Kane and seconded by Sharon Anderson to go back into regular session at 8:45 p.m.   Vote was unanimous.  Motion carried.

Mayor Lehmkuhl called the meeting back to order with Troy Watts, Sharon Anderson, Jerry Kane and Deanna Monnig.

After discussion, Sharon Anderson made a motion to make the new Police Chief a salaried position with a required minimum 40 hour work week.  Jerry Kane seconded.  Vote was unanimous.  Motion carried.

Mayor Lehmkuhl also announced that no other city business was discussed in closed session that could be discussed in open session.

Having no further business to discuss, Jerry Kane made a motion to adjourn at 9:00 p.m. with Sharon Anderson giving the second.  Vote was unanimous.  Motion carried.

Deborah A. Cox, City Clerk