Board of Aldermen Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 16, 2016

PUBLIC COMMENTS:  Marc Schwenn thanked the Board for being proactive in passing the ordinance pertaining to limiting the parking on city streets.  He has concerns with Main Street’s limited parking and vehicles been left in parking spaces for days at a time.  Mr. Schwenn asked for any member of the Board to come and discuss this issue with him at any time to help find a solution.

Mayor Jan Lehmkuhl called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. on February 16, 2016.

Board members present:  Jan Lehmkuhl, Mayor; Troy Watts, Jerry Kane, Sharon Anderson and Deanna Monnig, Aldermen.  Also in attendance: City Clerk, Deborah Cox, Jacob Marler, Brian Swearengin, Derek Lankford, Bruce Belin, Marc Schwenn, Dolores Coble, and Justin Janes.

ORDINANCE #1017 EMPLOYING POLICE CHIEF               Motion made by Troy Watts and seconded by Jerry Kane to place Bill # 2016-8, employing and setting the salary of a new Police Chief, on its first reading.  Vote taken.  Vote was unanimous.  Read by the City Clerk.  Motion made by Troy Watts and seconded by Deanna Monnig to accept the first reading of Bill #2016-8.  Vote taken.  Unanimously approved.   Motion made by Troy Watts and seconded by Jerry Kane to place Bill #2016-8 on its second and final read.  Vote taken.  Unanimously approved.  Read by City Clerk.  Motion made by Troy Watts and seconded by Jerry Kane to accept the final reading of Bill #2016-8.  Vote taken.  Kane, Watts, Anderson and Monnig aye.   Ordinance #1017 passed.  Bruce Belin will begin employment on February 29, 2016.

Mayor Lehmkuhl introduces Chief Belin and the City Clerk swore him into office.

Brian Swearengin, Emergency Management Director for the City of Ash Grove, updated the Board on the NIMS requirements.

ANDERSON RESIGNS        Board member, Sharon Anderson, announced she will be resigning her position on the Board effective March 7, 2016.  She will be moving to Oklahoma.  Mayor Lehmkuhl stated she will be accepting letters of interest from citizens living in the First Ward. 

Motion was made by Troy Watts and seconded by Jerry Kane to go into closed session to discuss personnel, real estate and litigation at 7:15 p.m.

Motion made by Troy Watts and seconded by Sharon Anderson to go back into regular meeting at p.m.  Vote was unanimous.  Motion carried.

Mayor Lehmkuhl called the meeting back to order at 9:03 p.m. with Jerry Kane, Deanna Monnig, Sharon Anderson and Troy Watts.

Mayor Lehmkuhl announced that Officer Julissa Allen will be put on light duty due to her pregnancy by her doctor’s orders.  Officer Allen will do Code Enforcement and other office work as needed.

Mayor Lehmkuhl announced that no decisions were made in closed session that could be announced in open session.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN     Mayor Lehmkuhl brought up the Comprehensive Plan and said she wasn’t happy with the way some of it was done.  Jerry Kane and Deanna Monnig both stated they saw nothing wrong with the plan.  The Planning and Zoning Board can use the plan when updating Planning and Zoning Regulations.  It can give the Board an insight into what direction the Citizens of the City would like to see the City go over the upcoming years.   The submitted Plan will go on to Planning and Zoning.

Due to the late hour, the Board of Aldermen did not go into a Study Session.

No further business: motion made by Sharon Anderson and seconded by Jerry Kane to adjourn the meeting at 9:26 p.m.  Vote taken.  Kane, Watts, Anderson and Monnig aye.

Deborah A. Cox, City Clerk