Board of Aldermen Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2016

Mayor Jan Lehmkuhl called the Board of Aldermen Study Session to order at 7:43 p.m.

Council members present:  Mayor Jan Lehmkuhl, Council Members Bill Wagner, Deanna Monnig, Jerry Kane, and Troy Watts.  Also present was Chief of Police Bruce Belin and City Attorney Mel Gilbert.

Mayor Lehmkuhl wants to get back to work on the City Employee Handbook but suggested waiting until Megan Smith was through with the Web Page so she could assist.  Jan then wants to hand out portions of the handbook to all Council members to work on and then bring back to the rest of the Board for discussion.  The Board members agreed to postpone.

Mayor Lehmkuhl then brought up the nuisance ordinances to Chief Belin.  She wanted to know what we needed to do to get more done on getting yards mowed, junk picked up, and general appearance taken care of.  Mel Gilbert interrupted and said the City of Ash Grove wasn’t alone when it came to weed ordinance enforcement.  It’s been a bad year for tall grass due to the rain we’ve hand this summer.  Chief Belin said he would contact a few of the other towns around that he has been in contact with before and get an idea of how they handle their nuisance ordinances.

Chief Belin wants to contact property owners personally and give them a 7 to 10-day chance to correct the problem before going back and issuing a summons.  He thinks the personal touch might help take the harshness out of the situation.  Mayor Lehmkuhl said she wants to inquire again with the County about tax liens on properties.

Attorney Gilbert then talked about the possible annexation of Cub’s Park and what some of the possibilities are to accomplish the endeavor.

Mayor Lehmkuhl then informed the Board of the burnt out house on Washington Street, that the City had been trying to get cleaned up and tore down, was sold at auction on the Court House Steps.  The new owner will technically get possession of the property in one year.  Not sure what to do in the meantime.  Will have to investigate some more.

Bill Wagner made a motion to adjourn with Jerry Kane giving the second.  Vote was unanimous.  Motion carried at 8:50 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Troy Watts